Lubrication Program Development

A consulting project to design a complete lubrication program for your facility

How good is your lubrication program?
We can assess, design, implement and sustain a program that will improve equipment life and performance.

Lubrication Program Development

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Tribology Solutions works collaboratively with customers to develop proactive, efficient lubrication and oil analysis programs. Our approach provides the framework for assessing, designing, implementing and sustaining lubrication excellence. This process is focused on transforming your existing program to maximize its effectiveness and deliver significant ROI.

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Components of Lubrication Program Development

Lubrication Benchmark Assessment

Benchmark Assessment

The Benchmark Assessment is a gap analysis service designed to compare current facility lubrication practices against best practice. The purpose is to design a roadmap to lubrication excellence by highlighting opportunities for improvement based on both observation of current practice and perceived opportunities.

The 600-point assessment survey provides improvement objectives and recommendations for 40 key elements of a lubrication program. The execution of the Benchmark Assessment is typically carried out over three to five consecutive days depending on the manufacturing size of the plant.

The Benchmark Assessment report provides:

  • Executive Summary
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Overall Compliance Level
  • Access to Lubrication Program Manager(LPM)
  • Priority Implementation Number(PIN)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis(CBA)
  • Assessment of 40 Elements. Each includes:
    • Current Maturity Grade
    • Current Best Practices
    • Improvement Recommendations
    • Metrics and KPI Recommendations
    • Control and Continuous Improvement
    • Periodic Review and Audit Recommendations

Lubrication Program Manager (LPM)

Lubrication Program Manager is web based application designed to monitor or track your initiatives/activities taken to develop roadmap to lubrication excellence.

This web based application help us with:

  • Plant Simulator
  • Corporate Simulator
  • Initiative List to be taken
  • Assessment Charts
  • To-Do List
  • Self Cost Benefit Analysis calculator
  • Assessment History

Program Engineering

At the core of a lubrication program transformation are detailed best practice procedures and work plans that help turn reactive, “firehouse” maintenance cultures into proactive and productive teams.

VAS Tribology strategically engineers every procedure with a proactive maintenance mind-set. They are designed to eliminate the root causes of machine failure, such as filling with the wrong lubricant or adding too much grease.

Each procedure includes a job plan and full procedure for each task. The full procedure is a complete “how-to” guide with step-by step instructions for each lubrication task. Using the procedures new technicians can quickly and efficiently learn how each task should be performed and expand their knowledge of specific machine components. Empowered with these tools, tasks will be completed with confidence and employees will know precisely what to do. As a result, they will experience a higher level of morale and pride in their workmanship.

The Importance of Lubrication Procedures

Work Scope. Procedures clearly scope the work an individual is expected to perform. Specific lubrication tasks should be detailed to exact specifications for lubrication excellence.

Consistency. Without procedures, each individual has the freedom to “personalize” the task at hand which results in undesired results. Documented procedures bring uniformity into the lubrication task while keeping everyone on the same page.

Best Practices. A procedure creates the framework for standardizing best practice. It serves as the container in which to pour the experience of employees, consultants, and vendors and others into a single document.

Training. One of the most important aspects of procedures is that they form the basis for training lubrication personnel. A good set of procedures serves as a natural curriculum for task-based training and evaluating an individual’s ability to carry out the assigned tasks.

Lubrication Program Engineering
Lubrication Route Optimisation

Route Optimisation

Precision lubrication routes build efficiency into a lubrication program and are the basis for optimizing lubrication tasks and procedure execution. Your VAS Tribology services team will create lubrication routes that minimize wrench time and streamline inspections, oil sampling and lubrication tasks.

Lubricant Storage and Handling Design

An effective proactive maintenance program requires proper storage and handling of lubricants. Protecting your lubricants, and ultimately your equipment, from the harmful effects of contamination and lubricant degradation begins with in-plant storage.

VAS Tribology can help you design a lubricant storage and handling system that maximizes efficiency and productivity while ensuring that the correct, clean and dry lubricant is properly delivered to the equipment.

Lubrication Storage and Handling Design
Lubrication Program Implementation

Program Implementation Expertise

Beginning a lubrication excellence program takes planning and coordinated effort. Your VAS Tribology project manager works with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth transition from your current state to best practice.

Hardware Procurement Scoping and Procurement

We can assist you in selecting products for asset implementation, lubricant storage and handling and onsite laboratory equipment. We have performed extensive technical reviews of all products to assure they meet our rigorous standards of best or good practice. Detailed Notes are included to educate you on any limitations or special requirements.


Vendor-neutrality simply ensures impartial, unbiased presentation of the requirements necessary for hardware implementation. VAS Tribology will never recommend one supplier’s products over another’s, maintaining the strictest vendor-neutral integrity. Suppliers’ full product specification sheets and contact information is readily available further information is requested. Vendor-neutrality is important to VAS Tribology, to our customers and to our supplier-partners.

Engineered Product Consolidation

Complete asset implementation parts lists and certain storage and handling products are derived from the Engineering Design phase. This eliminates lengthy shopping, research, expensive over-buying, under-buying and buying products that will not perform to the levels to reach your lubrication reliability goals.

Customer Support and Partnership

We have procurement specialists dedicated solely to managing the ordering, logistics and delivery of your implementation. Ongoing complimentary email, telephone and web conference implementation support with our technical team can be provided.

How will you know that you need LPD?

Is your maintenance budget getting lower by 10% each year?
Are you facing frequent machine breakdown?
Are you able to consolidate your lubricants?
Is your lubricant consumption costing you a lot?
Does your lubrication practice restrict contaminant ingression?
Do you have written procedure for each lubrication activities?

If you score maximum NO, then you must need world acclaimed Reliability & Lubrication Consultancy service” Lubrication Program Development(LPD)”.
To know more, get in touch with us.

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